Michael Barnett : michael k originals

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 449-450
  • Website: www.michaelkbarnett.com
  • I make custom "made to order" slumped glass wall-art up to 26x51. I either hand paint and foil the artwork, or I use basura to make a see thru embossed piece of art, or I make the art out of copper and emboss it inside the slumped glass.

    Neil / Vivian Blanck : Wood Images

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 419
  • Website: www.woodimagesjewelry.com
  • Turned and painted maple wood spherical sculptures. The work is turned on a wood lathe and painted with acrylics. I finish the surface with several coats of a clear resin to create depth. The compositions range from representational to abstract/ contemporary. We also incorporate this process for our hand shaped maple wood neck pieces and cuffs.

    Elizabeth Burkhouse : Eliz Sculpture & Design

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 514
  • Website: www.elizburkhousedesigns.com
  • My humorous sculptures are made of ceramic paper clay: usually a white sculpture clay mixed with paper pulp. I use coil and slab techniques over newspaper forms. The finished pieces may be high or low-fired and are glazed multiple times. I also use various stains, paints, and accessories. Some pieces are assembled after firing using epoxies.

    Andy Byrne

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 578-579
  • Website: www.andybyrne.com
  • Expressionist Steel Geometries created by welding salvaged steel and cast bronze.

    Chris Efstratis : Natural Fire

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 405
  • Website: www.chrisefstratis.com
  • Large ceramic sculpture two feet to seven feet tall. Smaller sculpture, hand thrown pottery, pit fired ware, non functional pottery, ceramic busts, altered pottery, glaze and fired ware suitable for outdoors. Large garden sculptures, mixed media sculptures, all one of a kind.

    Julia Embry

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 551
  • Handmade mosaic art and mirrors many musical themed.

    Gigi Erickson : Erickson Arts

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 563
  • Website: www.ericksonarts.com
  • I make blown glass objects like flowers pumpkins large pears and cherries bowls mounted in a wood base ornaments chili peppers paper weights and more. I also mount the flowers in a copper spiral that can hang on a wall and I make them into an outdoor fountain and into art for the garden. I also have wall art made from fused glass mounted to a decorative mirror and framed to hang on a wall.

    Ken and Ingrid Hanson : Hanson and Kastles

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 610
  • Website: www.hansonartglass.com
  • Hand Blown Art Glass vases, bowls, drinking glasses, one of a kind art glass sculptures, paperweights, and pumpkins. Al work is free blown and decorated hot, during the blowing process. All work is created collaboratively by Ken and Ingrid Hanson.

    Carla Moss : Black Dog Design Studio

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 430
  • Website: www.blackdogdesignstudio.com
  • ART-bots! Artfully Recycled Trash. Colorful, One-Of-A-Kind sculptures created for exploration and delight. Open boxes, turn dials, push buttons, see what you can find! These are fun and so unique. Many have secret compartments or storage for DVDs Cds, and more! Non-moving or articulating. Some may talk if you press the right button!

    Juana Pena : Pena Designs

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 549
  • Website: www.penafamilydesign.com
  • Yard art made of copper and some steel. These include animals, insects, and flowers. All items are painted with metallic paint and varnished to withstand weather conditions.

    Shawn Tsai : Shawntsaiartglass

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 478
  • Website: www.shawntsai.com
  • Shawn's work successfully captures the freshness and complexity of nature within the medium of glass. Each piece is crafted by hand with care and precision inside his southern California workshop. Since molds are never used, no two sculptures are identical. From the delicacy of his marine fish to the boldness of his land mammals, his expertise in blending colors with clear glass truly represents the best in Lampworking.

    Richard Vest : Rising Tide Sculpture

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 566-567
  • Website: www.risingtidesculpture.com
  • Original 3d and wall sculptures hand carved in wood depicting sea and animal wildlife. Pieces range in Size from 2' to 6" carved by Wildlife artist Richard Vest from his own original drawings. The artist has been carving 30 years and all pieces are copyrighted and signed. He maintains his own website at www.risingtidesculpture.com.