Waka Ozawa

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 510
  • Original designed vests, jackets, shirts and purses created from Vintage Kimonos and Obis. Every pieces are created by me. All are one of a kind.

    Constance Purnell-Provenzano : Apothecary’s Earthstuff

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 611
  • Beauty and health using energy color consults through apparel designs (I am a seamstress) of exquisite fabrics such as cashmere, angora, merino wool, silks, wood silks, frenchugs, alpaca, bamboo, hemp and exotic wools for items including jackets, scarves, pashminas, wraps, ruanas, stoles, capes, etc ranging from $10 to $200ish

    Kavita and TJ Singh : Painted Silks by Kavita

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 414
  • Website: www.silknbeauty.com
  • Hand Painted and Screen Printed and Hand Dyed - Silk, Cotton & Rayon - Scarves , Jackets, Ruanas and T's. All original designs by Kavita for over 30 years. Hand painting is done using the "Gutta Serti" french technique and all her inspiration comes from nature. Her work is characterized by beautiful vibrant jewel tone color, and a superb sense of style for the elegant woman.

    Carole Wang : 5th of July Corporation

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 447
  • Website: www.carolewang.com
  • I make art-to-wear women's clothing out of bamboo and other natural fibers. I design my clothing to make people look good, feel good, and help the earth. My clothing is very unique and flatters all figures. I make clothing sizes XS-3X and everything is handcrafted in Fremont, CA. The price range is from $50-$150.

    Patti Wells

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 619
  • Website: www.pattiwalterswells.com
  • The textiles I design and make have an Asian influence, and my fibers, are for the most part, natural, with a heavy emphasis on linens and cottons. I design shirts, vests, scarves and hats, with a variety of sizes in each. My pieces are tasteful and flattering to most female forms.