Janet Chico : Material Things

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 514
  • I will be selling contemporary, fabric handbags that I design and make. I have been in business for 20 years and do wholesale and retail shows.

    Oliver Klink : Oliver Klink Photography

  • Medium: Photography
  • Booth#: 512-513
  • Website: www.oliverklinkphotography.com
  • My photographs are like no other wildlife and culture photography you have seen because they are not photography in the conventional sense. I focus on capturing the decisive moments to stir the emotions of the viewer in powerful ways. Photographs are printed with special ink, which I mix myself. There are less than 1,000 photographers worldwide using this technique. The quality far surpasses the traditional darkroom prints.

    Paul Blaker : Art for Odd Places

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 551
  • From a life as a commercial tile-setter, my little glass mosaic hobby soon became a viable business, allowing me to express my love of music, architecture and nature. I strive to create movement and musical tones in all of my pieces, and love participating in Art Festivals and spreading my works out into the world.

    Radha Rao : Lotus Leaf Art

  • Medium: Painting
  • Booth#: 511
  • Website: www.radharao.com
  • For the Saratoga Rotary Art Show, I want to present artwork that enhances small spaces. My focus is plein air landscapes done on location in an impressionist style. I utilize bold colors and varying textures. The combination helps set a very specific tone and intention for the viewer. I tend to focus on Bay Area scenery, which allows us to bring the beauty of California indoors. All paintings come framed and ready to hang.

    Aashika Jain

  • Medium: Photography
  • Booth#: 554
  • Website: www.photo.net/1446774
  • Fine art photographic prints of Landscapes and Nature made on various media like metal, gallery wrapped canvas and archival quality photo paper that is matted and framed. My prints are made at local professional labs using archival pigment inks to ensure vibrant colors and a long display life.

    Andre Jourdan : M.D. Provence Decor

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 537-538
  • Website: www.provencedecor.com
  • In Temecula we have a studio where we make every piece of table-linen using the highest quality fabrics following the French Country designs. With Illustrator/Photoshop we create the digital prints, transfer them to the fabrics then we design cut and sew each piece. We can customize sizes, add hole to fit umbrella tables or apply acrylic to make them stain proof. We also make accessories such as napkins, placemats, breadbaskets to match.

    Andy Byrne

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 578-579
  • Website: www.andybyrne.com
  • Expressionist Steel Geometries created by welding salvaged steel and cast bronze.

    Ben Leone : Flashback

  • Medium: Painting
  • Booth#: 576
  • Website: www.benleone.com
  • "Flashback"...the British invasion, the Summer of Love.... when music and innocence changed forever. My paintings capture the excitement, the trepidation, and the free spirit of a teenager growing up in the 60's.

    Christine Charter Moorhead

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 562-563
  • Website: www.christinechartermoorhead.com
  • Functional Glass art....lamps, wall mirrors, fireplace screens, windows, all contemporary with an element of surprise, by adding and overlaying: sticks, stones, hand made paper, beads and copper. Each piece is one of a kind, hand-cut glass, foiled and soldered together. Frames are custom made of wood and/or custom-welded of iron. Functional and fun for today's life style

    Claudia Gray : Claudia Gray – Gray Designs

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 552
  • Website: www.graydesigns.org
  • Award Winning Glass Art and Photography ~ Beautiful handcrafted glass jewelry, sculptures, slumped bottles, glass winestoppers, glass coasters, candle holders, and other original glass work with an Eco-Friendly twist. Please visit www.graydesigns.org for more information.

    Constance Provenzano : Apothecary’s Earthstuff

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 560
  • Beauty and health using energy color consults through apparel designs (I am a seamstress) of exquisite fabrics such as cashmere, angora, merino wool, silks, wood silks, alpaca, bamboo, hemp and exotic wools for items including jackets, scarves, pashminas, wraps, ruanas, stoles, capes, etc ranging from $10 to $200ish

    Dana Boyko : Fused Glass Creations

  • Medium: 2D Mixed Media
  • Booth#: 521
  • Website: www.danaboyko.com
  • I make one-of-a-kind fused glass nightlights and jewelry and have been supporting myself since 2004 on my artwork. My designs are uplifting and happy and are the result of many years of taking a thoughtful approach to my work. My customers and I have fun talking about the process and life in general and many come back for more. Thanks for your consideration!

    David Griswold : Dave’s Bird Houses

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 570
  • The bird houses/feeders I designed, are built from recycled "Central California Valley" barn wood. Most of the material is 125+ years old redwood, (most common wood available and longest lasting building material at the time). Half of my work is traditional "Americana", the other half is "Early Oriental" The look of the wood forged by natures elements over time, determines my final creation. Constructed to last indefinitely outdoors, in garden, or enclosed patio.

    Diana Serrano : DS Leather Handbags

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 525
  • Website: www.designsuperbstudios.com
  • My work specializes in designing and customizing handmade leather purses and accessories. The leather handbags and accessories are carefully crafted with selective leathers that come from Italy Mexico and United States. The leather is selected with unique and distinctive textures and as well as different grades to give a unique style to each customer. All purses have leather lining minimizing the use synthetic materials. All hardware is brass and all purses are hand stitch.

    George Anderson

  • Medium: Jewelry
  • Booth#: 571
  • Website: www.primitiveelegance.com
  • Individually made and one of a kind jewelry and accessories fabricated from Bronze/Brass/Nickel Silver/Copper/Cupro-Nickel/other re-purposed metals.

    Glenn Dizon

  • Medium: Jewelry
  • Booth#: 567
  • Website: www.glenndizon.com
  • One of a kind 14K gold rings, pendants, and earrings set with rare and unusual gemstones. I do all the work myself without the use of molds, or computer aided tools. I do all the work form the design, to the original wax work, to the casting, to the stone setting, to the finishing.

    Guillermo Martinez : quetzalcoatlmusic

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 532
  • Website: www.quetzalcoatlmusic.org
  • Hand carved and lathe-turned wood flutes and drums. Made from sustainable exotic and domestic wood. Using traditional wood working techniques and vintage tools. Embellished with sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

    John Akhtar : Mopilo Designs

  • Medium: Jewelry
  • Booth#: 531
  • Pearls, coral and shell Jewelry all set in sterling silver settings. We hand cut all the shells and corals. John does the silver work, making all the bezels,while Heather does the inlay work. We design our pieces to be clean, well balanced with lots of motion.

    Karen Hale : Karen Hale Mixed Media Paintings

  • Medium: 2D Mixed Media
  • Booth#: 572-573
  • Website: www.karenhale.com
  • Texture, dimension, good composition and excellent use of color describe my original abstract paintings. A minimum of 8-10 layers are used including washes and glazes. The incorporation of found papers, acrylic mediums, texture, pastels, graphite may also be used.They are presented on a gallery wrapped canvas so there is no need to frame.

    Lisa & Bruce Barghahn : ArtyChokers

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 523
  • Website: www.Artychokers.com
  • ArtyChokers are Designer interchangeable dog collars. I created this product as a functional fashion alternative to dog clothes. ArtyChokers consist of a base collar and style covers that can be removed or applied in seconds. Change your dog's style without removing the collar leash or tags. Doggie durable, canine comfy. Comes in 5 sizes. Fits all dogs including 'big hair' dogs. Many styles for all occasions. Collections include Macho, Bling, GirlyGirl & more.

    Lisa Hilquist : Lisa Hilquist Studio

  • Medium: Jewelry
  • Booth#: 540
  • Website: www.lisahilquist.com
  • One of a kind jewelry pieces, completely handcrafted with fused glass, precious metal clay, precious metals and gemstones. Multiple ancient and modern techniques used including: viking knit metal chaining, byzantine chain maille, dichroic glass and precious metal clay fusing, and precious metal wire wrapping.

    Melissa McCumiskey : Studio 522 Art Glass

  • Medium: Jewelry
  • Booth#: 524
  • Website: www.522artglass.com
  • In 2005, accomplished glass artists and educators Melissa McCumiskey and Penny Ruhter established Studio 522 Art Glass. The studio allows the artist to pursue their true passion to create glass and to challenge the boundaries of blown, kiln-formed and torch-worked glass techniques gives each of them, the ability to express their creativity, collaborate and create truly unique art.

    Melissa West

  • Medium: Printmaking
  • Booth#: 530
  • Website: www.mswest.com
  • I experiment with printmaking of all types, but my primary focus is linoleum block prints. My prints range in size from small hand-made cards (approx. 7" x 3") to multi-color prints on full sheets of paper (30" x 22").

    Pat Moseuk : M.J. Studios

  • Medium: 2D Mixed Media
  • Booth#: 558
  • Website: www.pmjstudios.com
  • My original paintings range in sizes from 12" to 48". The mediums I use are acrylic, mixed media, collage and oil, on canvas, wood panel and rag board. Paintings done on paper are matted and framed. I sell also small affordable 12" x 12" original paintings, prices ranging $60-85. My prices for my paintings range between $200.00 - 4,000.00.

    Patti Wells

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 556
  • Website: www.pattiwalterswells.com
  • The textiles I design and make have an Asian influence. My fibers are for the most part natural, with a heavy emphasis on linens and cottons. I design shirts, vests, scarves and hats, with a variety of sizes in each. My pieces are tasteful and flattering to most female forms.

    Paul Tumason : Paul Tumason Portraits

  • Medium: 2D Mixed Media
  • Booth#: 555
  • Website: www.tumasonpaintings.com
  • My portraits are known for what they say about the subjects and their relationships, not merely a record of what they look like. Hopefully the viewer can relate to the story behind the faces. I paint in the digital world, using my photographic studies of the subjects and their personal possessions as references, outputting the images onto canvas, and finally enhancing the work with an assortment of media.

    Roger Combs : Roger Combs Woodworker

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 565
  • Website: www.rogercombs.com
  • I create functional art that combines good design with hand selected domestic and exotic hardwoods. Lumber is my palette: a variety of colors textures and grains that reveal themselves to me. The process of creating pieces begins by following the flow of the wood. I love the passion of feeling a piece coming together, rough cutting, final dimensioning, solid joinery shaping, and diligent sanding to detail.

    Rose Lee : An Urban(e) Potter

  • Medium: Functional
  • Booth#: 553
  • Website: www.roselee-urbanpotter.com
  • I specialize in completely hand-made high fired functional porcelain tableware, including cups and mugs, various styles of bowls from very small to very large, and flower vessels. All are decorated in my own lead free glazes in sea or landscape motifs and finished with meticulous attention to detail.

    Sally Fuess : S. Fuess Fine Art

  • Medium: Painting
  • Booth#: 528
  • Website: www.sfuess.com
  • Oil paintings and drawings of primarily animals including equine, wildlife and farm animals. I work in both a limited (Zorn) palette or a very colorful palette, in a loose but realistic style.

    Shamila Jiwa : Shamila Fine Jewelry

  • Medium: Jewelry
  • Booth#: 519
  • Website: www.shamila.com
  • Shamila Fine Jewelry features exquisite and unusual custom-cut gems paired with precious, sustainably sourced metals. Created by hand, one piece at a time in Seattle, WA the collection emanates a global-chic aesthetic with a contemporary and timeless appeal. Award winning stacking rings, red carpet worthy statement earrings, one of a kind cocktail rings and boa necklaces feature stunning gemstones accented with distinct diamond details.

    Soni Bergman : Soni Bergman Designs

  • Medium: Jewelry
  • Booth#: 529
  • Website: www.sonidesigns.com
  • My jewelry combines an ancient and contemporary feel that are fresh and funky. I use pearls and stones to add color sparkle. I use various techniques. I do knotting and wire wrapping to attach the stones. I forge my gold silver to get the forms I desire, I solder. I create many of my beads and clasps in Precious Metal Clay. I use silver bronze and copper clay in my work.

    Susanne Karlak : PhotoGenics by Susanne

  • Medium: Photography
  • Booth#: 559
  • Website: www.skarlak.com
  • I offer a large selection of matted, framed or canvas images. In display cases are smaller matted pictures and cards. Photographs are mounted on foam core and displayed with museum quality acid free white mats. My style is painterly featuring colorful close ups of nature; favorite subjects water, reflections, barks, flowers, leaves and California scenes featuring our beautiful hills and Oaks.

    Waka Ozawa

  • Medium: Apparel
  • Booth#: 510
  • Original designed vests, jackets, shirts and purses created from Vintage Kimonos and Obis. Every pieces are created by me. All are one of a kind.

    Xuan Ho : Swan Mosaic

  • Medium: 2D Mixed Media
  • Booth#: 564
  • Website: www.swanmosaic.com
  • I am a mosaic artist. My art work includes mosaic wall hangings, birdbaths, sculptures, animal statues, and also mosaic jewelry (pendants and earrings).

    Yvette Head : Autumn Lane Studios

  • Medium: Painting
  • Booth#: 518
  • Website: autumnlanestudios.blogspot.com
  • I will be selling mostly original work, that consists of acrylic paintings on canvas & paper, as well as wood panels. I create, what I call, abstract botanical imagery, I also add architectural elements to my work. I love to work on an organic textural surface and paint layers of fluid acrylics to enhance those qualities.