Geetanjali’s Creations: Geetanjali Arunkumar

ArunkumarGe 1

First Time
  • Medium: 2D Mixed Media
  • Booth#: 432
  • Website:
  • Art Chair's Selected Artist. I use wine corks to create my artwork. This overlooked, bio-degradable and eco-friendly material inspires me. When working with this material I feel in harmony with nature. My color palette consists of earth tones with an occasional splash of bright color.

    Jeff Owen Artworks

    OwenJe 4

  • Medium: Sculpture
  • Booth#: 607
  • Website:
  • 2015 Juried Favorite. I have a deep affinity toward the materials I work with, a wonderful sense of emotion, feelings, and dreams for what the material was once used for and now what it will become in my hands. These feelings direct me on my path.